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Volume XLIII-B2-2021, 2021 – Keyword index

Volume XLIII-B2-2021, 2021 – Keyword index


3D 3D Content 3D Least Squares Matching 3D Measurement 3D Mesh 3D Model 3D Model 3D Modeling 3D Modelling 3D Network Adjustment 3D Object Detection 3D Point Cloud 3D Quality Map 3D Reconstruction 3D Scanned Point Clouds 3D building models 3D feature representation 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D reconstruction 3d reconstructions of teeth


AHN Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Accuracy Estimation Adaptive Fusion Adversarial Autoencoder Aerial Image Aerial Image Quality Aerial Imagery Aerial Images Aerial Laser Scanning Aerial Photogrammetry Aerial and Satellite Image Quality Assessment Aerial and Satellite Images Airborne LiDAR Ambiguity Archaeology Architectural Heritage Architecture Artificial Intelligence Assisted Aerial Triangulation Autoencoder Automatic inspection Automation Automotive accuracy accuracy evaluation aerodrome safety aircraft icing archaeology as-built BIM aspheric lenses automated digital odontometry (aDo) automation automatization autonomous vehicle


BH transmission Background Subtraction Baroque vaults Benchmark Benchmark Dataset Big Data Block control Blurring Bowl effect Buddhist sculptures Building Information Modeling Building Information Models Building Modelling Building Outline Delineation Bundle adjustment barometer benchmarking bundle block adjustment


CNN Calibration Camera Calibration Camera Relocalization Care 4.0 Census Census Transform Centerline Fitting Change Detection Change detection CityJSON Classification Close Range Photogrammetry Clustering Co-Alignment Co-Registration Collective Perception Color Balance Computational vision Computed Tomography Computer Graphics Conditional Random Fields Confidence Contour Map Convolutional Neural Network Convolutional Neural Networks Convolutions Corrosion Cost Computation Cost Volume Crisis Management Cross-Section Cuboid Tracking Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Documentation Cultural heritage calibration camera calibration caves classification close-range photogrammetry clouds segmentation colour constrained cameras convolutional neural network crop recognition


DEM DGPS Data Fusion Data mining Data processing Dataset Dataset Generation Pipeline Decision Support System Deep ConvNet Deep Learning Deep learning DeepSORT Dendro-Auxometric Data Dense 3D Reconstruction Dense Image Matching Depth Image Depth Map Fusion Descriptors Design Model Detectors Digital Archive Digital Image Digital Surface Model (DSM) Digital Terrain Model Digital archaeology Digital fabrication Direct Sensor Orientation Disparity Disparity Map Denoising Displacement Vector Field Domain Adaptation Dome effect data analysis data fusion decay map deep learning deformation dense matching dense point cloud dense reconstruction depth difference matrix digital cartographic model digital surface models direct photogrammetry documentation drone dynamic scene analysis dynamic scene reconstruction


EEG Egg sorting Egyptian tombs Eigenfeatures Elevation Accuracy Emotions Error Budget Error taxonomy Evaluation protocol Evidence Grids Eye-tracker edge edge detection exponential decay coefficient exponential function approximation


Farnese Theatre Feature extraction Features Matching Fisheye Photogrammetry Food industry Forest Planning Frame Field Free-Viewpoint Video Fusion Network façade feature point field methods flight telemetry forest management forested area forward looking sonar full-waveform analysis fully convolutional recurrent networks


GIS analysis GIS-BIM visualisation GNSS GPS Gas Insulated Line (GIL) Geometric Deep Learning Geometric Primitives Geometric Relations Georeferencing Gradient boosting Graph kernels Ground Control Points geometry geomorphology geomorphons


H-BIM HBIM Hand-Held Mobile Laser Scanning Hand-held Mobile laser scanner Harmonic Analysis Haze Height Estimation Heritage Documentation High-resolution Satellite Images Historic buildings Historical images Hybrid Sensor Hybrid modeling Hyperspectral Images heritage hierarchy


ISPRS 2D Semantic Labeling Illumination changes Image Decomposition Image Processing Image Segmentation Image matching Image processing In-situ Test Incremental Refinement Indirect geo-referencing Industry Foundation Classes Infrastructure Modelling Integrated survey Integration Intel T265 Interoperability iPad ice wind tunnel image orientation image pre-processing image residual corrections image velocimetry indoor survey industrial inspection industrial inspections instance segmentation intensity interior orientation


LIDAR Label-efficient Land cover map Large-scale Events Laser Scanning Laser line Laser scanner Laserscanning Leica CityMapper Level of Detail LiDAR LiDAR processing LiDAR simulation LoD3 Building Local-Global Approach Loss of Information in Shadows and Illumination Low-light land use database landscape analysis laser scanning lidar linear MLP local feature aggregation low cost


M3C2 MVS algorithms Machine Learning Machine Vision Machine learning Markov Random Field Optimization Matching Cost Convolutional Neural networks (MC-CNN) Material Analysis Material Testing Metric Quality Assessment Metric survey Mexico Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Lidar Mobile Mapping Mobile Mapping System Modelling Monitoring Monte Carlo simulation Monte-Carlo Dropout Moving Camera Multi-Epoch Multi-Sensor System Multi-View Sparse Matching Multi-View-Stereo Multi-resolution Multi-temporal 3D Point Cloud Analysis Multi-temporal datasets Multiview Photometric stereo mesh metrological evaluation metrology micro-CT microcontroller mobile laser scanning mobile laser scanning (MLS) mobile mapping mobile mapping system monitoring multi view stereo multi-head camera systems multi-scale multi-sensor multi-sensor 3D survey multi-sensor platform multi-view


Object Detection Object detection Oblique Aerial Imagery Oblique Aerial Missions Oblique Photography Open-Source OpenStreetMap Optic Measurement Optical Remote Sensing Images Outdoor Capture Outlier rejection object classification object orientation oblique images obstacle limitation surfaces open source software orientation orthophoto


PIV PTV Palazzo Mazzonis Panoramic Imagery Parametric modelling Parking Parking Space Management Perception Permanent Laser Scanning Photogrammetric Model Photogrammetry Photometric stereo Plane Accuracy Plane Detection Platform Point Cloud Point Cloud Processing Point Cloud processing Point Clouds Point Correspondence Point cloud PointNet Pose Regression Precision Procedural Generation Prospection Public Space palaeoanthropology panoramic image panoramic photography pattern recognition pedestrian detection photogrammetry point cloud point clouds precision pressure sensor


RANSAC RGB Image RMSE RPAS Rail Track Railway Inventory Random Image Noise Real-time Reality-Based modelling Recurrent Neural Networks Registration Regularized Polygonization Reliability Analysis Remote Operated Vehicle Remote Sensing Classification Repeatability Representation Road Inventory Robust PCA Royal Castle in Warsaw raw data processing registration reliability remote sensing riser road type robotics rockfall monitoring


SAR SLAM SVB algorithm SVM Satellite Imagery Satellite image time series Scan-to-BIM ScatNet Scene Understanding Segmentation Semantic Segmentation Semantic segmentation Semi Global Matching Optimization Semi-global Matching SfM Simulation Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Small Object Detection Smart City Sparse annotations Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction Stereo Matching Structural workflow Sunghir Surface Defect Detection Surface Inspection Surface Reconstruction Synthetic 3D Dataset Synthetic Point Segments scaling and levelling segmentation semantic segmentation shoreline monitoring simulations small satellite stereo stereo calibration stereo camera stereo dense matching stereo disparity estimation stereo-camera stereolithography street point clouds structure-from-motion structure-from-motion (SfM) structured light structured light scanner surface systematic error compensation


TIR TLS TLS Registration Terrain Visualisation Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial laser scanner Texture mapping Texturing Theban Tombs Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Tie point filtering Tie points Time-Series Traffic monitoring Transfer Learning Traveling Salesman Problem Triangulation Trolleys Tunnel Excavation Evaluation telemetry terrain deformations terrestrial laser scanner terrestrial laser scanning thermal imaging transfer learning tree segmentation


UAS UAV UAV clouds UAV photogrammetry UAVs Uncertainty Uncertainty Estimation Underwater Photogrammetry Underwater photogrammetry Unsupervised Deep Learning underground mining underwater underwater photogrammetry urban areas urban environment urban heritage urban traffic


Validation Vehicle counting Video Mapping Video-processing Videogrammetry Virtual Reality Visual Relocalization Visual SLAM vectorization virtual tour visual odometry volume backscatter voxel
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