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Volume XLII-3/W8, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-3/W8, 2019 – Keyword index


2D Flood inundation simulation


AERONET AOD ASTER Aerial Firefighting Agriculture Air Quality Analytical Hierarchical Procedure (AHP) Application Architecture Artificial Neural Networks Artificial intelligence Augmented realty Automatic Processing accuracy assessment airborne remote sensing


CIMIC CNN COP Cartographic Symbols Change Detection Change detection Chestnut Chestnut Detection Chestnut Tree CityGML Climate Change Climate change Coastal flooding Coastline Comparative Analysis Compensations Computational Fluid Dynamics Convolutional Neural Networks Corsican Fire Dataset Crack Detection Crisis Management Crisis Maps Croatia Crowdsourcing change detection cliff erosion cluster analysis coal fire community risk assessment computer vision correlation coefficient


DEM DEM of Difference (DoD) DL DTM Damage Assessment Damage Estimation Damage Investigation Data Fusion Decision Making Deep Learning Deep Learning (DL) Developing Urban Settlements Differential Digital Elevation Model Disaster Management Disaster Monitoring Disaster Response Disaster risk management Disease detection Disturbance Drone Drone capability Drones damage detection defects digital image processing disaster management disease spread displacement dual-window


FLIAT Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) Fire Detection Fire Monitoring Fire Virtual Simulation Firework Flavescence Dorée Flood Flood Evacuation Map Flood Evacuation Zones Flood Inundation Area Flood detection Floods Food Security Forest Fires Frequency ratio Fuzzy logic model feature extraction fire severity first responder first responders flood flood distribution flood impact assessment flood impacts flood simulation model flooding forecast-based action forest regeneration


GEE GIS GIS-based Mapping GNSS Gaja cyclone Geo-Spatial Geo-information Geographic Information System Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Geoinformatics Geoinformation Systems Geosocial data mining Google Earth Engine Google Earth Engine platform Grain Yield Great East Japan Earthquake Growing Seasons geodetic data geodynamic processes geoinformation geological data geomorphometry geospatial analysis


LSTM Land cover classification Land surface changes Land use/land cover Land-use planning Landsat 8 Landsat 8 imagery Landslide Landslide Inventory Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Landslide Susceptibility map Landslide database Landslide determinants; Population distribution Landslide exposure Landslide susceptibility Landslide susceptibility zoning Landslide-Dammed Lakes Landslides Logistic Regression Logistic regression Long Xuyen quadrangle levee effect lidar location of doors and windows logistic regression long term changes in flood risk


MNDWI MODIS Machine Learning Machine Learning Geolocation Machine learning Macroseismic intensities; GIS; spatial autocorrelation; geostatistics; spatial pattern; Portugal Madang Province Marine Debris Marine Pollution Maritsa-Evros Basin Metro Manila Morphology Multi-dimensional Scaling Multi-hazard risk assessment Multi-temporal Data Multi-temporal image analysis Multiple classifier system Multiple natural hazards machine learning micro-level multispectral imagery


OBIA Object-Based Image Analysis Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) OpenStreetMap Operational Forecasting OptD method object detection off-nadir satellite imagery one-class classification


PALSAR-2 PM Philippines Photogrammetry Photos PolSAR Data Population Post-fire management Pothole Promulgation photogrammetric processing photogrammetry point cloud point clouds predisposing factors


RECONASS Random Forest Rapid Drone Mapping Rapid Mapping Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Data Remote sensing Rice Yield Risk assessment Risk management River System Road Network Road condition Rough Segmentation radiation real-time reduction regression analysis remote sensing route analysis


SAR SBAS SNAP SVM Classification, Presence and background learning framework Safety Index Map Safety Status Information Platform Satellite Sea Level Change Semantic Semantic 3D Modeling Sentinel 1& 2 Sentinel 1/ 2 Data Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 Sentinels Service platform Service-oriented Architecture Sharing Smartphone Smog Social Media Social media Solar Salt Farming Spatial Data Quality Spatial Data Support Spatial Distribution Spatio-temporal Standardisation Steep slope Support Vector Machine Syria segmentation seismological data smartphone social media source localization spaceborne spatial database spatial information data spatial modelling speckle filtering


Taiwan Taxonomy Terrestrial Laser Scanning Terrestrial LiDAR Three dimension Tidal Flood Tide-Gauge Tiling Segmentation Time-distance Map Topographic monitoring Trend analysis Tsunami thermal infrared threshold height time-series analysis


UAS UAS/UAV UAV UAV Aerial Photogrammetry UAV Photogrammetry UAVs Unet Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Urban Urban Disaster Urban Expansion Urban Network Urban Planning unmanned aerial vehicles urban flash floods


VGI VHR Optical Data Vegetation Indexes Vertical Ground Motion Virtual Reality Virtual reality Virtual-to-Real Learning Transference Viticulture Vulnerability analysis Vulnerability assessment vegetation indices vulnerability
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