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Volume XLII-4/W4, 2017 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-4/W4, 2017 – Keyword index


AHP AIR POLLUTION ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS ASTER ASTER GDEM Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Aerosol Optical Depth Ahvaz Algorithm Allocation Alteration Analysis Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Apriori Algorithm Aquarius Ardestan Artificial Intelligence Artificial Neural Network Artificial Neural network Association Rule Mining Atlanta highway Automated Fare Collection algebra-based anticline


CRP Method Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Car Detection Change detection Chlorophyll-a concentration Choquet Integral Citizens’ Participation Classification Climate change Close range photogrammetry Close-range photogrammetry Cloud Computing Clustering Coastal Zone Collaborative planning Complementary Filter Computer vision Confusion matrix Connected Component Constraint Voronoi diagram Context Aware Recommender System Contourlet Copper Deposit Cost-map Crack Crash intensity Crown area classification climatically indicator cloud detection crop mapping


DBSCAN DEM DTM Decision Level Fusion Detection Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Dip angle Disparity Map Refinement Distance Distributed Optimization Drought Dual polarization density based initialization digital surface models distance-based


ECMWF ENVISAT ASAR Earthquake Edge Detector Edge Points Detection Energy Consumption Environmental Monitoring Extended Kalman Filter earthquake end of season explore


Facilitated VGI (F-VGI) Feature Mutual Information Filtering Fingerprinting technique Fire Risk Map Fixed camera Footprint Forest Fire Frequent Pattern Mining Full polarization Fusion Fuzzy Fuzzy AHP Fuzzy AHP-OWA Fuzzy C-means Algorithm Fuzzy Comparison Fuzzy Inference System Fuzzy Ranking Fuzzy Route Planning Fuzzy Subtractive Algorithm Fuzzy computation Fuzzy-based Models fuzzy gamma


GIMMS NDVI3g GIS GPS observations GPS relative positioning GRACE observation Gaussian kernel General centrality criterions Genetic Algorithm Geodesic Morphology Geographic Weighted Regression Geographically Weighted Regression Geographically weighted regression Geoid Golestan Forest Grey Wolf Optimization Gulf of Mexico graph construction gravitational gradient changes ground water


HUMAN HEALTH Hadoop Hand USB Digital Microscope Helix High Resolution Aerial Image High Resolution Satellite Stereo Images High Spatial Resolution Image Hough Transform Hybrid Optimization Hydrological Model Hydrological indicator Hyperspectral Images Hyrcanian forest hyperspectral classification hyperspectral data


IHWP IMU ITS Image processing InSAR Independent Component Analysis Indoor Modelling Indoor positioning Information Communication Technology (ICT) Integration Inundation integration of 3D modeling and simulation irregular space


LMS strategy LSI Land Covers Land Surface Temperature Land Surface Temperature (LST); Landsat-8; Radiative Transfer Equation (RTE); Thermal Infrared Land-use Land-use Change Landsat Landsat 8 Landsat Satellite Images Landsat Time Series Data Landsat-8 Imagery Landslide Least-squares variance component estimation LiDAR Data LiDAR Point Clouds LiDAR data Line Approximation Location-based Application light pole


MLS MODIS MOWI MULTIPLE-LINEAR REGRESSION Mahoney Filter Makran subduction zone Markov Chain Mashhad Matrix Doubling Model Maximum Likelihood Classification Micrometer Calibration Ruler Microscopic Imaging Microwave Vegetation Index Minimum Map Unit (MMU) concept Minkowski Clustering Modelling Monitoring Morphological Operators Morphological operation Moth Flame Optimizer Movement observations Moving object detection Multi-Criteria Decision Making Multi-criteria Evaluation Multimodal Remote Sensing Multiple Kernel Learning majority vote mobile computer vision multi-scale modelling multitemporal


Object Oriented Image Analysis Object-Oriented Post Classification Comparison Object-based Classification Object-oriented classification Ontology Optical Depth Optimization Ordered Weighted Average Ordinary Least Squares Orienteering Origin-Destination Matrices Orthometric height Orthophoto Overfitting optimization


PSGRN/PSCMP Particle swarm Pavement distress Per-pixel Trend Analysis Persian Gulf Persistent Scatterer Personalization Personalized Phase Unwrapping Piezometric wells Polarimetric SAR Polarimetry Pothole Principle Component Analysis photovoltaic


RANDOM FOREST FEATURE SELECTION RANSAC algorithm Rational Function Models (RFMs) Raw Data Received signal strength Recursive least squares Regularization Remote Sensing Remote Sensing; Nayband Bay; Bathymetry Remote sensing Rigid block modelling Risk Mapping Road Extraction Rural highways crashes modelling


SAX SMRF SNR SVM SWH Salinity Indicators Satellite Image Time-series Satellite Imagery Satellite altimetry Satellite imagery Scattering Mechanisms Sea surface salinity Sea surface temperature Season Segmentation Seismicity Semi Global Matching Sequential Forward Selection Shadow Sharp Frequency Localization Contourlet Simulated annealing Sirjan Plain Site Selection Slope Slope Index Smart government Soil Salinity Soil moisture Sparsity Constraint Spatial Filter Spatial Interpolation Techniques Spatial autocorrelation Spatial movement analysis Spatial non-stationarity Spatial resolution Spatio-temporal patterns Spatiotemporal Spectral Unmixing Spectral content Spreading Activation Stack Number Statistical Model Statistical test Stochastic modeling Storm Subsidence Sugeno λ-Measure Supervised learning Surface Water Quality Level semi-supervised learning sequential backward selection similarity-based simulation site selection snow avalanches snow drift solar spatial information start of season street network support vector regression synthetic aperture radar (SAR)


UAV UAVSAR UHI USA Highways USISM Uncertainty Unmanned aerial vehicle Urban Cellular Automata (UCA) Urban Development Urban Gas Pipeline Urban land use Urmia Lake Urmia lake User Trajectory


WPS Warehouse Location; Optimal; Location Analysis; Optimization; Particle Swarm; Yin-yang-pair Optimization Water Quality Index Water index Water level changes Wavelets Algorithms Web Service Wireless Local Area Network Wireless Sensor Networks Wishart distribution Woodland wave modeling wind turbine wind wave
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