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Volume XLIII-B2-2020, 2020 – Keyword index

Volume XLIII-B2-2020, 2020 – Keyword index


3D 3D Building Reconstruction 3D City Model 3D Documentation 3D Features 3D Image 3D Keypoints 3D Laser Scanning 3D LiDAR Point Cloud 3D Mapping 3D Model 3D Modelling 3D Point Cloud 3D Point cloud 3D Reconstruction 3D Representation 3D Scene Analysis 3D Scene Model 3D Underwater Modelling 3D Visualization 3D body feature 3D digitisation 3D documentation 3D geo-registration 3D heritage 3D meshing 3D model 3D modeling 3D modelling 3D object reconstruction 3D point cloud 3D prototyping 3D reconstruction 3D scanner 3D scanning 3D scene reconstruction 3D scene refinement 3D semantics 3D surface analysis 3DCAM


AIV AR Accident Accuracy Accuracy Assessment Accuracy estimation Action camera Active fault Adaptive Neighborhood Adaptive initial object-patch Adjustment Aerial Aerial Photogrammetry Aerial Triangulation Aerial images Aerial wartime images Aerodrome Obstacle Data Agisoft Airborne Laser Scanning Airborne LiDAR Alleyway Ancient Architecture Angle Estimation Anomaly Detection Anomaly Detection (AD) Anthropogenic and natural features Anthropometrics Appropriate Repair Recommendations Archaeological Remains Information Archaeology Archetype Architectural drawing Archive aerial photos Ardupilot Artificial Intelligence Attention Mechanism Attribute Inspection Augmented Reality Autoencoder Automated Image Masking Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Azimuth Angle Aïoli ablation study absolute orientation accuracy accuracy evaluation accuracy investigation active contour additional parameters aerial and ground view image aerial photogrammetry aerial photos air quality monitoring airborne point cloud aircraft icing anthropology archaeology archaeology mapping archive data digitization aspherical lens elements attached equipment attitude change augment the training dataset automated digital odontometry (aDo) automation of aerial photography autonomous driving autonomous vehicle


BASESURV BIM BTS Backpack Banded vaults Banteay Srei temple Baroque palaces Benchmark Big Data Bombing Bridges Building Archaeology Building Category Building Change Detection Building Modelling Building Models Building Outline Delineation Built Heritage documentation Bundle Adjustment Bundle Block Adjustment Bundle adjustment balancing hyper-parameters benchmark biomechanics biplanar videoradiography building geometry building outline extraction bundle adjustment


CAD CNN CO3D Calibration Camera Calibration Camera Tracking Cave Archaeology Cell Towers Cell-Patch-Based Segmentation Census Change Detection Change Map Change analysis Change detection Chimneys CityGML CityJSON Cityscape 3D model Classification Climate Change Cliniface Close Range Photogrammetry Close-range images Close-range remote sensing Cloud Cloud platform Cloud points Clustering Component tree Computed Tomography Computer Graphics Concrete Cracks Concrete Wall Conditional generative adversarial networks (cGANs) Connected component analysis Control points ConvLSTM Convex Hull Fitness Convolution neural network Convolutional Neural Network Convolutional Neural Networks Coordinate Metrology Copernicus Correspondence Corrosion Crop Type Mapping Cross-city classification Cross-view images Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage Documentation Curb calibration camera calibration camera system cemetery change detection charging station chessboard classification co-registered optical and SAR images color infrared computer vision concrete bridges conservation convolutional neural network crack detection crop classification cultural heritage


DAS DCNN DGCNN DIM point clouds DSM DSM production pipeline DTM DTMs DarkNet-53 Data Augmentation Data Collection Data Fusion Data post-processing Data pre-processing Dataset Deep Learning Deep Neural Network Deep learning Deformation Deformation Monitoring Dense Digital Surface Model (DSM) Dense Image Matching Dense Matching Dense Point Cloud Dense image matching DenseNet Detection Deviation Coefficient Different Scales Digital Conservation Digital Photogrammetry Digital Surface Model Digital Terrain Modeling Digital heritage Dimensional Quality Control Dimensionality Directional Statistics Discrete Cosine Transform Disparity Disparity Refinement Documentation Dormers Drainage Drone Dynamic Environments Dynamic scene analysis Dysmorphology data fusion data integration data pre-processing deep learning deep neural networks dense matching density depth of field detection digital camera digital reconstruction digital surface model (DSM) direct photogrammetry distillation documentation domain adaptation dual fluoroscopy dynamic scene analysis


ESP32 Earth observation Echosounder Edge Detection Edge refinement Egyptian tombs Eigenfeatures Eigenvalues Electromagnetic Sensor Encoder-decoder network End-To-End Enemy Tower Epipolar constraint Evaluation Evaluation Method Explainable Artificial Intelligence energy efficiency evidence exterior orientation external geometry external orientation


FNEA Facial Landmarks Facility Monitoring Fault behaviour Façade Feature Extraction Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) Feature Tracking Fiducial mark Filtering Flood mapping Forest Fragmentation Frequency Scanning Interferometry Fudaa-LSPIV Fusion facial approximation feature combinations feature extraction flat test object flood event detection forest health monitoring


GA-Net GAN GCP GF-1 GNSS GNSS signal GNSS-supported block orientation GPU Generative Models Geology Geomechanics Analysis Geometric Documentation Geometric Model Geometric Quality Geomorphometry Georeferencing Geospatial land use database Glacier Glacier Monitoring Glaciers Glass Sponges Global Modeling Global Optimization Great Wall Ground Filtering Ground-based Photogrammetry gated recurrent unit generative adversarial networks georeferencing geospatial images global average pooling gravestones gully erosion


H-BIM HBIM HTC Vive® Heightmaps Hexagon Hierarchical Feature Descriptor High Resolution Imagery High Resolution Oblique Imagery High-precision DEM High-resolution topography Historical Archive Historical images Homograph matrix Human Detection Humidity of The Surface Air Layer Hybrid Modeling Hydrology Hydrothermal Alteration Materials Hyperspectral image classification Hyperspectral images head-up display hydrodynamic tunnel


ICP ICP Algorithm Ice Detection Image Inspection Image Orientation Image Processing Image matching Image-based point cloud InSAR Incidence Angle Indoor Scene Indoor Structural Elements Infrared Imagery Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructures Initialization Inspections Intensity Internal orientation Intersection Intertidal zones Iteration image enhancement image mosaicing image processing image registration image residual corrections image stitching image-based 3D measurements image-based 3D reconstruction image-based mapping image-based velocimetry improved PWC-Net indoor reconstruction indoor scene information system infrared thermography inscription instance segmentation international cooperation interpolation techniques irrigated area irrigation mapping


LSTM LULC Land cover classification Landslide Landslide Hazard Large scale topographic mapping Laser Scanner Laser Scanning Laser scanner Laser scanning Laussedat Least squares Least-squares LiDAR LiDAR Mapping LiDAR calibration LiDAR simulations Lidar processing Limitation Surfaces Line band descriptor Line segment matching Lineament Detection Living Vegetation Volume (LVV) Local Features Localization Loess Plateau of China Low-Cost Low-cost Low-end sensors land use classification land-cover landscapes large scale production laser scanning laser triangulation lightweight architectures localization long short-term memory long-short skip connections low rank approximation


MINDflow MLS MMS Machine Learning Manhattan World Mapping Marked Point Process Marker-Less AR Mass Movement Matching Accuracy Mean teacher model Mesh Optimization Metric Quality Assessment Microtopography Min-cut Mining Mirror view Mobile Laser Scanning Mobile Mapping Mobile Mapping System Mobile laser scanning Modeling Monitoring Monocular 3D Reconstruction Morphology Motion Blur Motion tracking Movement Prediction Multi-Camera System Multi-Constraint Multi-View Aerial Images Multi-View Stereo Multi-class TrAdaboost Algorithm Multi-domains exploration robots Multi-scale Multi-scale Analysis Multi-temporal Analysis Multi-view Multi-view Satellite Image Multi-view stereo (MVS) matching Multiple Birth and Death Dynamics Multiple frequency Multiscale Approach Multiscale Image Segmentation Multispectral Camera Multithreading machine learning magnetic resonance imaging mapping marbles mathematical morphology mesh fusion mesh mosaic metrology metrophotography motion state moving objects detection multi-GNSS multi-criteria decision making multi-sensor platform multi-spectral multi-temporal classification multi-view multidisciplinary multimedia imaging multispectral


NDT NURBS Network Adjustment Network framework Neural Architecture Search Neural Networks Next-bestview Noise Noise Filtering Non-Rigid Registration Non-destructive Detection Non-oblique Aerial Photos Non-planar surfaces Normalize nanotechnology narrow space navigation neural network neural network approach noise tolerance numerical and graphical residual analysis


ORB-SLAM2 OSM data Object Detection Object Tracking Object detection Object-based Image Analysis Oblique Aerial Images Oil and gas Open source Optical Image processing Optical Satellite Imagery Optimization Methodology Orthoimagery Orthophotos odometry odontology off-road olive groves ontology operational optical flow optical image optimizers


PCA PIV PPK PS-InSAR Pagoda Pairwise line matching Pandora Parallel File Loading Parameter extraction Particulate Matter pollution Pattern Spectra Phenotype Photo Consistency Photogrammetry Photogrammetry for Air Navigation Photogrammetry method Pilot Aircraft Pipeline inspection Platform Calibration Pleiades-1 Point Cloud Point Cloud Co-registration Point Cloud Registration Point Cloud Segmentation Point Clouds Point cloud Point cloud classification Point clouds Point of Interest Point-Cloud PointNet PolSAR image Polygon Prediction Pompeii Pose Estimation Posterior covariance Prediction Predictive Analysis Primitives Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Projection Trajectory palaeoanthropology parallel lines parameters reduction pergola and ciborium photogrammetry pix2pix point cloud point cloud colouring point cloud orientation porous surface course pose precision agriculture prediction processing architecture


RFM RGB Camera RIVeR ROV RPAS RTI RTK RTK drone Random Search Random forest Rational Polynomial Coefficient Ray Casting Real-Time Progress Rendering Real-time Real-time Mapping Real-time photogrammetry Reconstruction Reconstruction Error Recurrent Neural Networks Reference Images Refractive SfM Registration Relative Orientation Parameters Relative Variation Coefficient Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Image Remote Sensing Videos Remote optical images Residual Cost Volume Restoration Riverine species Road Edge Road boundary Road extraction Rock slopes Rockfall Rockfall characterisation Rotational velocity rain-fed random forest reconstruction recurrent neural networks rehabilitation reliable target pseudo-labelled data remote sensing resection review river surface velocity road monitoring robotic system robustness to noise


SEN12-FLOOD dataset SGM SIFET SLAM SRHOG Safety Detection Saliency Division Saliency Map Sandstone Rocks Sassa cave Satellite Satellite Image Satellite Image Time Series Scale Selection Scan to BIM Scan-to-BIM Scanline Scanlines Scene Classification Scene roaming Seabed Segmentation Self-Calibration Self-taught Learning Semantic Interior Modelling Semantic Segmentation Semantic annotation Semantic segmentation Semantics Semi-supervised learning Sensor Fusion Sentinel-2 Service-oriented SfM SfM/MVS Ship Detection Shukhov Radio tower Siamese Network Siamfc Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Single shot detector Slip distribution Smart Cities Snow height Software Sonar Spatial Accuracy Spatial Pyramid Matching Spatio-temporal stability Speed Estimation Spring point Stacked Conditional GAN Stem Cross-Section Stem Volume Stereo Stereo Ground Truth Stereo Image Pair Stereo Imagery Stereo Matching Stereo Vision Stereo vision Stereo-Matching Stereoscopic Video Structural Elements Structural Health monitoring Structural Lines Structure from Motion Structure-from-Motion Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry Super-voxel Superpixel segmentation Supervoxels Surface Defect Surface Interpolation Surface anomaly Surface reconstruction Surveillance Video Analysis Survey Surveying Device Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Symmetry System Integration System architecture Systematic Noise scanning scene reconstruction segmentation select source labelled data semantic semantic segmentation sensor network sensors evaluation sequence data sharpness shipwreck documentation skeletonization ski snow depth spatio-temporal change detection stereo vision structure from motion structured light structured light system surface matching surface normal surface reconstruction synthetic vision system calibration systematic error compensation


TIR image TLS TLS survey Target detection Target recognition Teacher-student network Temperate Marine Ecology Terrain Modelling Terrestrial Laser Scanning Texture Mapping Textured Model The Belt and Road Initiatives The Great Wall The West Helanshan Fault TheoLt Thermal Image Thermal Infrared Thermal Simulation Thin-Plate-Spline Three-dimensional reconstruction Tilted image matching Timber-cracks Time Series Time series imagery Total Station Tracking-by-Detection Traits Trajectory Analysis Trajectory Extraction Transfer Learning Transfer learning Transmission Lines Treatises Tree monitoring Tree segmentation Trilateration Trinocular visual odometry Tumuli detection Tunnel inspection Tunnel maintenance Turrialba Volcano tangible and intangible heritage terrestrial LiDAR terrestrial laser scanner textural analysis textured dumbbell bar thermal point clouds time series traffic lights tree counting


U-Net UAS UAV UAV photogrammetry UAV-borne LiDAR UAVs UAVs Photogrammetry UGV USV UUV Underwater Underwater Photogrammetry Underwater SLAM Unity Unmanned Aerial Survey Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Unmanned surface vehicle Unreal Engine Unstable pixels Unsupervised Learning Unsupervised domain adaptation Urban Urban Floods Urban Traffic underwater navigation underwater photogrammetry unmanned aerial vehicle unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unmanned laser scanning ULS


VDI 2634 VHR VO/VSLAM VR Validation Vectorization View planning Virtual Image Virtual Reality Virtual environment Visible Visual Odometry Visual SLAM Visual hull Visualization Visualizing Huge Point Clouds Volume Change Voxelization vanishing points vegetation indices very high spatial resolution virtual restoration visibility analysis visual odometry voxel voxelization
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