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Volume XLVIII-M-2-2023, 2023 – Keyword index

Volume XLVIII-M-2-2023, 2023 – Keyword index


360 panoramic photographs 360-Degree Video 360° Photography 360° images 360° video 3D 3D Asset 3D Digital Restoration 3D Documentation 3D Environments 3D Model 3D Modelling 3D Printing 3D Reconstruction 3D Reproduction 3D SCAN 3D Scanning 3D Survey 3D Virtual reconstruction 3D Web viewer 3D acquisition 3D annotation 3D catalogue 3D cultural heritage 3D data 3D digital reconstruction 3D digital survey 3D digitisation 3D documentation 3D immersive vegetation 3D mapping 3D model 3D model interaction 3D modelling 3D models 3D models for CH 3D point cloud 3D printing 3D reconstruction 3D recording 3D reproduction 3D scanning & 3D printing 3D survey 3D survey and reconstruction 3D surveys 3D-Documentation 3d survey technology


AI AR Aachen Palatine Chapel Abandonment Accessibility Accuracy Additive Manufacturing Airborne Laser Scanner (ALS) Al Ain Albumin Andrea Palladio Appian Way Apulia Arab Region Archaeological Preservation Archaeological Prospection Archaeological Site Archaeological Sites Archaeological and landscape heritage Archaeological heritage Archaeological sites Archaeology Architectural Education Architectural Geometry Architectural Heritage Architectural drawing Architectural heritage Archival data Archive photos Archives Artefact data management Artefact data visualisation Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Artificial training datasets generation Augmented Reality Augmented and Extended Reality for Cultural Heritage Augmented reality Automatic Classification Automatic Segmentation Azulejo abandoned assets accreditation and licensure requirements accuracy ancient crafts annotations archaeological excavation archaeological heritage archaeological monitoring archaeological sites archaeology architectural decay architectural heritage architectural surfaces art history artificial intelligence astronomical heritage augmented reality


BIM BIM Visualization BIModeling Bartolomeo Ammannati Bethlehem Big Data Analysis Biodiversity Bolivia Boolean Modeling Brazil Building Archaeology Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Building Information Modelling Building Information Modelling (BIM) Building Performance Simulation (BPS) Buildings Inspection Built Heritage Management Built Heritage documentation Built heritage bSDD building archaeology


CIDOC CRM CIPA CMM arm scanner CORONA and Hexagon Satellite Imagery COSMO-SkyMed COVID-19 Calliper Capacity Building Casetes de los Moros-Bocairente Caspar David Friedrich Cast iron constructions Castello Sforzesco Cataloguing Cave Central Asian Archaeology Cesium China Chinese Eastern Railway (CER) City Information Modeling City Modelling City model CityGML Civil Engineering Classical Chinese Garden Classification Climate change Cloud Computing Coastal fortification Computer Vision Concert Conflict areas Conical dome Conjectural reconstruction Conservation Conservation and Management Conservation Project Conservation and Management Conservation risks Content Controlled Vocabularies Convergence Modeling Copernicus Sentinel Corrosion Cristo Obrero Cross polarization Crowd-sourced surveying Cultural Artifact Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage 3D reproduction Cultural Heritage Awareness Cultural Heritage Conservation Cultural Heritage Documentation Cultural Heritage Management Cultural Heritage Tourism Cultural Heritage management Cultural Itinerary Cultural Landscape Cultural Natural Heritage Cultural Significance Cultural Urban Landscape Cultural heritage Cultural heritage Documentation Cultural learning camera one shot capacity building ceiling paintings church of Santa Maria di Nazareth climate change close-range photogrammetry closed churches complex lighting complexity computer vision conic vaulting system connectivity analysis conservation conservative restoration content accessibility cross-media approach crowdsourcing cultural heritage cultural heritage documentation cultural heritage management cultural identities and memories cultural landscapes cupola mosque curricula development curricula modernization cylindrical structure


DISP (Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs) DSM DSM/DEM Damage Assessment Dark Web Data Model Data circulation Data fusion Data management Data mapping Decay Deep Learning Degrees of Freedom Diagnostics Digital Archaeology Digital Architecture Digital Archive Digital Art History Digital Content Digital Cultural Heritage Digital Curator Digital Documentation Digital Experiences Digital Fabrication Digital Games Digital Heritage Digital Humanities Digital Interface Digital Model Digital Photogrammetry Digital Preservation Digital Recording Digital Survey Digital Twin Digital Twins Digital heritage Digital management plan Digital replica Digital twin Digitalisation Digitalization Digitisation Digitisation for decommissioning Digitization Direct Georeferencing Disaster Disaster Recovery Displacement Dissemination Documentation Documentation Cultural Heritage Documentation System Drawing Dynamic Dynamic Mechanical Analysis damage assessment data acquisition data integration data preservation database datasets decay patterns deep learning design thinking diagnosis diagnostic investigations digital archaeology digital curation digital documentation digital enhancement digital heritage digital history digital modelling digital photogrammetry digital preservation digital reconstruction digital replicas digital report digital tools digital twin digital valorisation dimensional quality displacements dissemination documentary heritage documentary research documentation documentative workflow drone and laser scanner survey dynamic measurements


Earth Observation Earthquake Engineering Education Educational activities Educational needs Educational strategies Eladio Dieste Elastic analysis Emilia Energy Performance Environmental Risk Ernesto Basile Ethics Guidelines Europeana Evaluation Extended Reality Extended reality emergency expertise


FAIR FEA FEM Facades Face Recognition Facility Management Featureless surface Festival File System Finite Element Analysis Forma Urbis Frescoes farmhouse flight planning flight regulation fortified system frescos funerary structure


GIS Game Engine Gaussian Vaults Gdańsk Geographical Information Systems Geomatics Geometry Georeferencing Gigapan Gigapixel photography Guidelines geo-databases geomatics geometric and radiometric accuracy geometrical analysis geometrical comparison geometrical rules geometry graffiti


HABS HBIM HDR blending HMD Habsburg-Bosnia Handwriting Health Infrastructure Heavy old tree Heritage Heritage Buildings Heritage Conservation Heritage Conservation; 3D Modelling Heritage Data Heritage Digitalization Heritage Document Heritage Documentation Heritage Management Heritage Preservation Heritage Protection Heritage Risk Assessment Heritage data visualisation Heritage interpretation Heritage structures Heritage sustainable management Heritage values Heritage/Historic Building Information Modelling Hermogenes High-Tech Architecture Higher Education Historic Architecture Historic Districts Historic Documentation Historic Masonry Historic Structure Report Historic Urban Landscape Historical Buildings Historical Centres Historical Documents Historical Garden Historical Watermills Historical analysis Historical simulation History Research Holistic Documentation Hypogeum Archaeological Sites Hypothetical 3D reconstruction methodology heritage heritage & landscape digitization heritage buildings heritage database heritage documentation heritage monitoring heritage preservation heritage protection heritage regeneration heritage survey historic stone pavement historical digital twin


IFC IMMS Illicit Traffic Image Based Modelling Image Segmentation Image generation Image sampling Image-based modeling Immovable Tangible Cultural Heritage Impulse Indigenous Knowledge Indoor Spatial Modelling IndoorGML Industrial Heritage Information Management System Information System Information system InfraBIM Infrastructure Heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage Intangible Heritage Integrated Documentation Integrated Survey Integrated survey Integration Intensity Values Interactive Application Interlocking masonry Interoperability Interpretation IoT Ipiranga Museum Iron Age image capture image semantic segmentation inclinometers indigenous settlements indirect documentation inertial sensors infinite elements information model inscriptions inspection intangible heritage integrated 3D survey intelligence interoperability


LIDAR LIM LOD Laboratory tests Laser Scanning Laser scanning Latin America Layouts Levels of Geometric Information LiDAR LiDAR SLAM LiDAR survey Lidar Lilong Housing Limit analysis Linked Open Data Literature Survey Literature review Low Cost Low-cost sensor landscape heritage learning by doing low cost


METU Campus MMSs MVS Machine Learning Mapping Massive structures Material attributes Materials Matterport Mayring Measurement Mediation Medieval Bulgaria Memory Spaces Mesh Modelling Metaverse Michelangelo’s David Military Heritage Minecraft Mixed Reality Mnemosyne Mobile App Mobile Scanners Mobile guide application Modelling Modern Architecture Modern Heritage Assets Modern Living Heritage Place Monitoring Monotonic Decision Rules Monument Monument Restoration Monuments Motion tracking Movable heritage Multi-stratified Landscape Multicamera Multimedia data Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Museum Museum service Museums Accessibility macrotexture maintenance management metadata micaelic architecture mirror morphology analysis multi-scale 3D survey and modelling multimodal data multiscale database multispectral imagery museum collection


NURBS National Parks Service Natural Hazards Natural Heritage Management NeRF Neanderthal Near Infrared Neural Radiance Field Neural Radiance Fields Nineteenth-century greenhouses Noise reduction Non-invasive techniques Normal estimation North America Notre-dame de Paris Numerical modelling Nurbs neural network non-invasive techniques


Obsolescence Online Education Ontologies Ontology Open Science Open-Source Software Operation and Maintenance Optimization Orthoimage Orthophoto oasis landscape online sharing ontology open-BIM openBIM oppidum orthomosaic orthophoto


Paiwan Paleoanthropology Palmyra Pandemic Parametric Parametric Modeling Parametric Modelling Parametric modelling Parametrisation Participation Pasquale Poccianti Pattern projection Patterns Peace Center Perspective restitution Photogrammetric Techniques Photogrammetry Photographs Physical model PiCUS Sonic Tomograph Pictographs Piffetti’s Library Pixel Pixel Streaming Planned conservation PoTree Point Cloud Point Clouds Point cloud Point cloud processing Point cloud processing and analysis Point clouds Points Cloud Poster Potential failure zone Potree Preservation Primary School Professional training Project genesis Prototypes paintings palaeontology paradata photogrammetry place-based education planetary cartography planned maintenance point cloud preface preventive conservation programmed conservation project-based learning public presentation publication


RANSAC RDF RTI RTR visualization platform Railway Infrastructure Random Forest Rapid prototyping technology Real Time interaction Reality Capture Reality Capturing Reality-based survey Reconstruction of historical objects Reconstructive 3D Modelling Reflective surface Reinforced concrete Remote Sensing Remote surveying Renaissance fireplaces Renaissance paintings Repair Replicas Representation Representation Techniques Research Program Resource Efficiency Restoration Retopology Reuse Reverse Engineering Risk prediction Robotics Roman Archaeology Roman Basilica Roman Baths Roman Forum Rome Roof stone tiles Rosenwald School Royal Residence of Venaria Reale Ruins Rural landscape recording methodology reflective materials remote survey restoration risk roman stadium rupestrian architecture rupestrian heritage conservation ruralscape


SLAM SLAM technology SLAM-based MMS SMART Bethlehem SURF Safeguard of cultural heritage Sampo Model San Nicolò dei Carmelitani Santa Maria in Trastevere Sant’Andrea in Mombasiglio Satellite Scan to BIM Scan-to-BIM Scan-to-HBIM Scanning Scenic Area Selenography Semantic Segmentation Semantics Sensor Monitoring Serious Gaming SfM SfM/MVS Shape Grammar Shape from Polarization Sharing 3D Data Sharing platforms Simultaneous Location and Mapping Smart Cultural Heritage Smart print document Social Inclusion Social Media Intelligence Social Network Analysis Spatial data Specular reflection Spherical Cameras Sri Lanka Standardization Standards State of Preservation Static Statues Stellar atlas Stereolitography Stereoscopic photogrammetry Stone Arch Bridge Stone deterioration Stratigraphic Unit Structural Assessment Structural Engineering Structural Safety Diagnosis Structural archaeology Structural simulation Structure from Motion Structure fromMotion Structured-light projection scanning Suiyuan Garden Summer Resort Superintendence Survey and Documentation Survey design Survey planning Sustainable Development Synthetic Aperture Radar Syria scan-to-BIM segmentation semantic classification semantic enrichment semantic modelling semi-automated processing shape grammar shophouse single-image site evolution small-living-things survey spatial humanities spectral indices specular reflection speditive integrated data spherical camera spherical processing standardisation static and seismic vulnerability assessment stereotomy stone decay stone slab houses storytelling strategy structure from motion structure-from-motion photogrammetry structured-light scanning supervised automatic classification survey survey and monitoring symposium synthetic data


TLS TLS and Photogrammetry integration TLS survey Tangible Heritage Technical Decision-Support System (T-DSS) Technical Drawing Technical Knowledge Technological progress Technologies Changing Education Technology transfer Templar architecture Temple of Artemis Leukophryene Temple of Dionysus Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) Terrestrial Laser Scanning Textured 3D Modelling The Korean War Theatre Thermography Tholos of Delphi Three-dimensional Scanning Tiles Timber floor Tiwanaku Tornado Traditional Cultural Heritage (TCH) Traditional Knowledge Training Training Programs Training in Photogrammetry Tree Management Tree failure Tree falling down Turn Toward Busan teaching learning laboratory technologies terrestrial and underwater survey terrestrial laser scanning texture mapping training experiences


UAS UAV UAV System UAV Tilt Photogrammetry UAV photogrammetry UAVs UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO serial property Underground Heritage United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry Unreal Engine Urban survey User Interaction User-Generated Content urban areas


VGG Image Search Engine VISE VPL VR Validation Valorization Values Recognition Vault Modeling Vehicles Museum Vernacular Architecture Verona Very High Resolution Videogrammetry Villa Cicogna Mozzoni Villa della Regina Virtual Archaeology Virtual Architecture Virtual Conservation Virtual Education Virtual Modeling Virtual Museum Virtual Portal Virtual Reality Virtual Tour Virtual archaeology Virtual reality Visual Image Search Visual SLAM valorisation project vault shape analysis vaults vettones videogrammetry virtual tour virtual tours virtualization technologies vocabularies


Wall Collapse Wearable Mobile Mapping Weathering Web Platform Web3D WebGIS WebGL Wood Workflow World Heritage WorldView-3 Satellite Imagery World’s Fairs weathering web app wooden church wooden library workflow
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