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Volume XLIV-M-1-2020, 2020 – Keyword index

Volume XLIV-M-1-2020, 2020 – Keyword index


3D Documentation 3D Laser Scanner 3D Printing 3D Scan 3D Scanning 3D Survey 3D Virtual analysis 3D models 3D scanning of towers 3D survey


Actor networks Adaptive Reuse Adaptive Systems Additives Adobe Adobe Roof Adobe vernacular heritage Air lime mortars Algorithmic design Ancient Castle Andes Anthropology of Architecture Apprenticeship Appropriate technologies Arab bath Aragonese Mudejar Archaelogical Site Archaeological heritage Archaeological site of Egnatia Archaeological site protection Archaeology Architectural Analysis Architectural Conservation Architectural Conservation Framework Architectural Evaluation Architectural Features Architectural Heritage Architectural Improvisation Architectural Neorealism Architectural heritage Architectural recovery and Enhancement Architectural refurbish Architecture Ardakan Armenia Artisans Awareness Azores


BCH-ontology BIM (Building Information Modeling) Balkan vernacular heritage Banadkook-Dize Basilicata Basque Country Bastioned Fortification Bañuelo Behavioural design Belief Bell tower of the Church of the Sagrados Corporales Berber decoration Booklets Boundaries Brazil Bribri Buffer areas Buglé Building Building Archaeology Building Patterns Building culture Building system Building techniques Buildings database Burial grave Burkina Faso brick-faced rammed earth


CIDOC-CRM Cabanyal Ground Zero Area Cadiz Calimaya Canada Cartagena Castalla (Alicante Castle Cataloguing Cathedral Central Italy Earthquake Cercola Chahar-Sofe (Four-sided) house China Chinese vernacular architecture Citizen Science City Walls City walls CityGML Civil Society Classification Coastal heritage Cob Cobblestone Structures Collaborative Archaeology Collective houses Colombia Colonial religious heritage Colorimetry Combined with Hot and Dry Climate Comics Commodification Community Community Engagement Comparative study Compatibility Compatible Complex system Conservation Conservation Management Plan Conservation and Promotion Conservation strategies Consolidation Consolidation and restoration Construction Construction History Construction techniques Construction with Earth Constructive Method Constructive Techniques Constructive knowledge Constructive techniques Constructive-typological taxonomy Contemporary Contemporary earthen architecture Context linkage Cooperation Coping with heat Craft-skills Cuenca Cultural Associations Cultural Heritage Cultural Landscape Cultural Risks Cultural Work Cultural heritage Cultural heritage management Cultural landscape Cultural quarter comfort conservation corbelled domes


Dadès Damage analysis Damage scenarios Defence Heritage Degradation of architectural features Denmark Depopulation Design with Nature Development and cooperation Diagnosis Digital Digital Analysis Digital Documentation Digital Technologies Digital documentation Digital humanities Digital survey Digitization Dissemination Documentation Documentation Methods Domed settlements weaknesses Don Víctor Dosage methodology Drone Dwelling


Earth Building Earth construction Earth-based mortars Earth-infill Earth-lime Earthen Architecture Earthen Building Earthen Sites Earthen architecture Earthen heritage Earthen vernacular Earthen walls Earthquake Earthquake mitigation solutions Earthquake risk assessment Earthquake-resistant devices Eastern Sicily Ebro Basin Ecomuseum Effective porosity Egyptian village El Ejido Cuenca Elevators Embedded Emergency Emissions Energy Energy retrofit Energy simulation Enhancement Enna Environmental devices Erroneous Restoration Evacuation simulation Evaluation Exhibition earth construction earthen architecture earthen heritage earthen heritage domes energy analysis


Fabrication process Farmhouse Fernando Moreno Barberá Fernando Távora Field research Fishponds Flood Preparedness Floods Florence walls Forced migration Form Fortified Architecture Frei Otto Fujian Fujian Tulou Funeral architecture


GIS GIS (Geographical Information System) Galicia Gender Segregation Geomorphology Gilded Stucco Glacis Gracias (Lempira Graphics Great Pompeii Project Great Wall Gridshells Guadiana Gypsum Gypsum desert rose


HBIM Half-timber Half-timber with earth Heritage Heritage Impact Assessment Heritage Renovation Heritage Researches Heritage at Risk Heritage management High Atlas Historic Districts Historic Urban Landscape Historic centre Historic city centres Historic ensembles Historical House Historical analysis Historical centres Historical restorations History Hmong minority Hollow Clay Pot Vaults Honduras) Hot mixed air lime Huayuan County Human social structures heritage heritage dangers


ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools and methodologies INA Casa Identity Imported Building Materials Improvement of fruition Indigenous Communities Industrial Heritage Industrial building Industrialization Intangible Intangible Heritage Intangible heritage Integrated Plan for Territory International cooperation Interpretation Intervention Criteria Inventory Iran Italian architectural Neorealism Italian modern architecture Italy Itinerary Iwan


Lahun Heritage Landscape Landscape Archaeology Landscape Architecture Landscape safeguard Laser Scanning Laser scanning Laser-scanning Late Middle Ages Liaoning province of China Light Structures Like-for-like Living Vernacular City Local Identity Local Knowledge Local Wisdom Local government Local temples having historic sites Lost heritage lost heritage


MONDIS Manage informations Management Management strategies Manor Houses Mapping Maritime history Masia Mason Masonry Masonry building aggregates Masonry buildings Masonry vaults Mass tourism Masseria Rota Materials Materials characterization Maya Architecture Maya Culture Mayangna Mdagra Mechanical properties Medieval Architecture Medieval Castles Medina of Fes Mediterranean architecture Mediterranean area Memory Methodology Mgoun Middle Age Middle Age architecture Military Engineers Ministry of cultural heritage Minnan and Hakka Tulou Minor historical heritage Mission Modern Architecture Modern heritage Modern minor heritage Modernism Modernisme Monitoring Morella (Spain) Morocco Mountain villages Mud plaster Mudbrick walls Mula Multidisciplinary approach Murcia Muzaffarid Era maintenance management


Naples Naso Natural Risk Natural environment Natural hydraulic lime Natural milieu Natural risks Negotiation of discourse Neo-vernacular House Nepal New Zealand Ngäbe Nicaragua Nordic Vernacular Architecture Normal Heritage North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region Northeast of Thailand numerical thermal simulations


Palestinian Territories Panama Parametric modelling Participation Participatory Approach Participatory Process Partnership Pathology Perú Pescopagano Phase of knowledge Phimai sanctuary Photogrammetry Physical properties Physical space Pico Pisé Pompeii Popular Religion Portici Post conflict Post-conflict Post-conflict rehabilitation Post-earthquake reconstruction Pre-Hispanic Urbanism Pre-Saharan Oasis Preservation Preservation Values Preventive conservation Protection Protection of normality Protective areas Prototype Public Use Management Public Visit Public visit management Puerta Tierra preservation


Rammed Earth Rammed earth Rammed-earth Ravines Raw Earth Architecture Raw materials Re-use Re-use sustainability Reconstruction Recovery Recovery experiences Recreational carrying capacity Regular Vernacular Rehabilitation Reinforcement techniques Reinvention Religious Building Remote Sensing Renaissance Renovation Residential habitat Resilience Resources Restoration Restoration work management Retrofitting techniques Reuse Reverse Modelling Reversible loss Ricote Rising sea level Risk Risk Assessment Risk management Risks Risks Assessment Rock villages Roero Roman Roof Typology Rural Rural Settlement Rural architecture Rural heritage refugee settlement refugee shelter


SDG Sacred Space Safety Assessment Sancho Fuster School Seismic Risk Seismic Vulnerability Seismic behaviour Seismic culture Seismic prevention Seismic retrofitting Seismic risk Seismic risk mitigation Seismic vulnerability Seismic vulnerability assessment Self-effort Semantic web Side-Scan Sonar Sieve analysis Sinkhole Small architects Social Engagement Social Housing Social Ties Social Transformations Social participation Social risks Society Socio-economic development Sociocultural Sod Houses Southern Iberian Peninsula Space Space Anthropology Space Layout Spain Spain) Spanish Colonial City Spatial Archaeology Spatial Hierarchy Spatial Organization Special waste Stone construction Stonework Stony Artificial Hills Stovewood Construction Stratigraphic analysis Structural aggregates Subsidence Suburban Baths Suburban area Sun-dried bricks Surrounding Landscape Survey Surveying Sustainability Sustainable Development Susudel Symbolic Space Syrian Heritage sustainability


Tai-speaking Tamang Tanneries Tartessos Tchogha Zanbil Technical knowledge Tell Keila Temporary Shelter Tentative List Tents The Lion Forest Garden The concept of in-situ The sense of place Threats Tile Vaults Timber Roof Timber structures Timeline Reconstruction Tobacco production Togo Toledo Tomb Touring pattern Tourism Tourism Enhancement Tools Tourism architecture Tower Traditional Building Awareness Traditional Construction Processes Traditional Urbanism Traditional architecture Traditional bell towers Traditional building techniques Traditional conservation Traditional houses Traditional masonry Traditional technologies Training workshop Transformation Tuejar Tuna fishing Tunis village Typological study Typology the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania


U.N.R.R.A. Casas UAV UNESCO World Heritage Site USA Underwater cultural heritage Underwater heritage Universidad Laboral de Cheste Unreinforced Concrete Vaults Upper Svaneti Urban Morphology Urban Regeneration Urban Scale Urban planning Urban-rural Uxmal urban architecture


Valencia Valorisation Valorization Valparaíso Values Vault Vaults by approach of brick courses Venice Vernacular Vernacular Architecture Vernacular Dwellings Vernacular Ensemble Vernacular Heritage Studies Vernacular architecture Vernacular building techniques Vernacular dwelling Vernacular heritage Vernacular heritage documentation Vernacular techniques Video Recordings Villargordo del Cabriel Virtual Tour Virtual Tours Visitor management Volubilis Vulnerability index Vulnerability index method


WHS analysis Wall Web-GIS platform Winery Wood-earth techniques Wooden Vaults Wooden Vernacular Architecture Workshop World Heritage World Heritage List World Heritage Site World Heritage Sites World heritage World heritage cities in danger World heritage site water-risk
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